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Title: Wild Dog

Type: Single

Year: 2021

No. Songs: 1

Slow blues song about how short life is and people spend it worrying about things that don't matter. We need to focus on what is important for us and what makes us happy.


I'm sitting here thinking
About some writings on the wall
Talking about freedom and
What it means anymore

Looking back at my life
And what the people will say
While the Wild Dog's howling
From far away

People fear changes
Yet they leap to survive
The need for confirmation
Rooted deep in our minds

Pounding open chest
But we're fragile to the bone
While the Wild Dog's coming
All alone

Holding on to courage
Like it's made out of gold
While the Wild Dog's standing
Outside your door

World Songwriting Awards 2021 - Wild Dog
UK Songwriting Contest 2021 - Wild Dog
US Songwriting Contest 2021 - Wild Dog
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